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Vote From Here, Vote From There, Vote From Anywhere


The VoteFromAnywhere system is a cloud-based enterprise application that can be accessed via the web as well as mobile devices (e.g., phones, tablets and iPads). Security, integrity and privacy are the major concerns to any computerized voting system, which can be resolved by the VoteFromAnywhere™ system. This system will be developed based on cutting-edge technology in order to provide the most secure and private voting system to our voters. All voters’ personal records and election data will be encrypted before sending it over the Internet protocol. Special encryption algorithms will be used to protect the privacy and security of the system. All data will be duplicated and saved in a redundant/fault tolerant machine to recover in case of major crashes or catastrophes.

The ultimate goal of this system is to make the entire election process work seamlessly by integrating all aspects of election-related activities – such as Voter Registration/Confirmation by election officials, Ballot Configuration and Creation by election officials, Offering Online Voting for all voters, Absentee and Military Voting System Management, Conducting Polling, Tabulation, Results Integration and Reporting - all under one system.

VoteFromAnywhere™ has been designed based on two major roles: Voters and Election Officials, and our goal is to offer the right solutions for them so that they can do their part easily and our election process can run smoothly.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that the VFA system is not the replacement for the current voting process or mechanism (e.g., voting machines at the booth, etc.). It is just an addition to our current election systems that are used by our states, and it is absolutely dependent upon the state election officials to decide whether to discontinue the current voting machines or not. This is not our decision.