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Vote From Here, Vote From There, Vote From Anywhere


The VoteFromAnywhere (VFA) is an innovative, creative and efficient system that allows voters and election officials to work in harmony under one single platform. The VoteFromAnywhere™ (VFA) system has successfully solved major issues in our current voting system. It allows voters to vote at their own convenience and from the privacy of homes, offices, airports, hospitals and even from out of the country while they are serving in the military or residing overseas. This system brings the voting/polling booth to voters’ fingertips by allowing them to vote using laptops, mobile phones or handheld devices.

The goal of VoteFromAnywhere™ system is to improve the current voting process by emphasizing the following actions:

Eliminate all possible human errors/confusion

Provide equal access/opportunity to all voters to vote

Reduce election cost

Abide by US election laws

Build a simple and an “easy to use” system for all our citizens without compromising the privacy and security requirements identified by current election process.

Introduce this new system to voters by incremental steps and do not change the existing system until complete confidence is received from voters and election officials.

This system will be available for 24x7 and it will allow voters to vote from anywhere at any time. It will also allow election officials to perform their activities (e.g., Creating electronic ballots, verifying and confirming new voter’s registration, keeping track of voting records/Audit trail, etc.) online at their own convenience.